Greg Gutfeld: The media now appropriates the pain of real victims

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Welcome back to a brand-new year. Wow, are you excited or what? Kat and Emily should be – considering I didn’t crush them for their guest host jokes in my absence.

Kat: unlike Greg when he sits in this chair, I don’t need a booster right now// Kat: that’s right, a cultural reference that is newer than 40 years old – you won’t get that with Greg Gutfeld // Emily:  is Greg tied up naked with duct tape over his mouth dumped in the girl’s locker room? Wait no, that was him in high school // Emily: do you think that Greg is missing us right now? Should we call him gigantic Greg from now on? Kat: I will not be

Jerks. Yeah, so while they were yakking it up at my expense, I spent the last 8 days in one bed. I usually prefer eight different beds each night like Wilt Chamberlain. But I was sick. 

While I tested negative on covid, I tested positive on everything else. Pretty sure I had the flu, the cold, zika, Ebola. But what do you expect when you borrow one of Michael Loftus’ jackets? That thing harbors

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