GREG GUTFELD: The media is gearing us up for the ultimate showdown between Biden and Trump

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Happy Thursday, everyone. Well, it’s day eight without Kat on the show. As you know, she’s on her honeymoon and I think she sent us a video.

KAT TIMPF: Hey, Greg, I’m still on my honeymoon. I’m in Germany, and I know I always laughed, when you talked about all the movies you made here in the nineties, but you’re actually super famous here. Everyone keeps telling me how much they miss their dirty Hasselhoff.

It’s true, it took me three years to get the stench out. Anyway, do you feel you’re being primed for something like the UFC does for weeks before their next big pay-per-view? The media is trying to gear up for the ultimate showdown between Biden and Trump. Fighting out of the red corner with a record of one and one standing six-foot-three, 245 pounds, hailing from Mar-a-Lago, Florida, by way of N.Y.C. Donald the disrupter Trump, and fighting out of the blue corner with a record of 50-years of mistakes and two years of embarrassments standing six-feet-tall, napping at three-feet-tall, and weighing in at 180 pounds, depending on his last bowel movement, Joe the demented old circus monkey Biden. 


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