Greg Gutfeld: The media creates a virtue-signaling stew to placate terrified advertisers

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So you remember the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? It’s the one that had about as much to do with sports as I do. I was more of a Better Homes and Gardens kind of guy. I wasn’t the best at landing a free throw, but damn I could landscape a backyard. (In more ways than one, Chadwick.)

I bring up that old magazine, because (like Hunter Biden) it’s now trying hard to change. For their 2021 swimsuit edition, they feature three “stars” on the cover — a tennis pro, Naomi Osaka; a rapper Megan Thee Stallion and trans activist Leyna Bloom. The magazine ticked more boxes than a meth head doing his SATs.

But damn that’s gunna confuse the 90-year-olds who still subscribe to the once legendary magazine. It’s perfect — for it’s designed as outrage theater for the right, and noble approval seeking from the left. And both work hand in hand to help Sports Illustrated prop up their brand. Like the corpse in “Weekend at Bernie’s.” 

But because the desperation for relevance is so obvious the consumer shrugs. People know a participation trophy when they see one. While their peers in the media

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