GREG GUTFELD: The media being shocked over Biden’s debate performance seems like another cover-up

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So right now, Democrats seem more confused than Ilhan Omar on her wedding night. The Dems, of course, are trying to figure out what just happened. The 40% of Americans who reside on the left have apparently believed that behind closed doors, Joe Biden is sharp, engaged, and commanding. Take it from this Dem senator just a few weeks ago.

SEN. CHRIS COONS, JUNE 5: Those of us who serve with President Biden, who know him, who have had the opportunity up close and personal, in meetings in the White House or in events publicly or privately, to give affirmation that he is sharp, he is engaged, and he is commanding.

Right! And I’m favored to win the world’s ugliest man contest, but boy did they get a rude awakening, worse than when I asked Taylor Swift to leave before breakfast. Turns out Joe’s as sharp as a blob of jello and half as sturdy. Meanwhile, the rest of us have a few questions of our own: Here’s number one directed at the media who claimed to be shocked by Biden’s dementia. Are you ******* me? By the way, it’s the same question Biden’s

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