Greg Gutfeld: The media attempts to revive Jan 6 to save Biden's imploding presidency

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In preparation for the made-for-primetime show trial on the Jan. 6 riots, House Dems have hired a former ABC News executive, James Goldston, to polish up their trumped-up turd. 

Their goal: Take old, battered exaggerations and re-purpose it as new, improved outrage. What Beatlemania was to the Fab Four, this hearing is to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Keep it going as long as possible to divert from Biden’s miseries

But it’s nuts. 

A political party secures primetime real estate on a major network, ABC, who once employed the producer — and it’s also owned by Disney. Can you find a more obvious case of collusion between party and the press? 

The special features interviews and pre-produced videos and it airs smack-dab at 8 p.m.

But it’s worth it because some in the media think Jan. 6 is bigger than all your hardships combined. 

MSNBC: There are so many things that people are juggling — between gas prices and inflation, baby formula, abortion and the shootings that are happening. These lawmakers are going to try to now have a narrative to focus the country’s attention, to say, “Look at this thing, do not turn away and understand that while all

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