GREG GUTFELD: The media act like this was the worst thing to happen in a theater since Lincoln’s assassination

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Happy Monday, everybody, from scenic New York. Now’s the time of year where leaves start to fall on the homeless people. And along with the smells of skunk, weed and rotting drug addicts, the sidewalks have added seasonably appropriate pumpkin spice urine. Autumn is in the air. In a few weeks, electric car fires will keep people warm. But as a new election approaches, that must mean it’s hunting season.


Pretty good, Gene. But, you know, we’re not talking about hunting for deer or expired health and beauty products at Dollar General. No, it’s political dissident season. You know, those awful people who hold views that make so-called tolerant media elites shriek like you told them their kid’s going to a trade school. A gentle chuckle from the audience. It’s now any non-liberal in the public eye. The season opened with a direct shot at two women: Lauren Boebert and Kristi Noem, two major Republican gilfs. What’s that? I’m glad you asked.

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What did you think it stood for? You people are dirtier than Hunter Biden’s bedsheets. Oh, yeah. Disgusting. Now, these two have got to be

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