Greg Gutfeld: The left continues to try and shut down free speech

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So once again, we’re seeing the left go after speech. 

Left wing NGOs are now coming after Elon Musk for buying Twitter. That’s him on the left. In case you’re normal and have no idea what an NGO is, it stands for “no good organization.” Pretty clever. They’re nonprofit groups that claim to be independent of any government but aim to push radical agendas like no cash bail and now censorship.

 Imagine a group even more obnoxious and less accountable than government employees. And this week, the NGOs sent a letter urging a boycott of Twitter if Musk takes over the company. 

Its backers include former Clinton operatives, billionaire George Soros, as well as, get this, the European Union. Yes, the European Union signed a letter. The Ukrainians must be thrilled if they hear that the EU has got their priorities straight. “Sure, we’re under constant Russian attack, but someone was mean to Chrissy Teigen.” How’s she doing? 

You know who else signed this letter? The Canadian government. Yeah. Boo. Boo Them. Is this what governments do? Sign letters demanding advertisers boycott an American company? I’m sorry, Canada. We never expect America to sign a letter

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