GREG GUTFELD: The CDC needs to do some serious soul-searching

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I love it. Let it faze over me. Let it wash over me. Oh, it feels so good. Sorry. It’s Thursday, which means tomorrow’s Friday and then the weekend. And my friends say I learned nothing at Berkeley. I love a good calendar. 

So the CDC needs a makeover worse than Joy Behar. CDC stands for the Centers for Disease Control, but what did it control, really, during the pandemic? Nothing. Instead, it became another bloated arm of the bureaucratic machine, a political entity making political pronouncements and protecting its political allies. 

So no surprise, during the pandemic, they were more of a crap show than a leaky fleet enema. So they need to change, and we’re not talking a half-assed transition. I’m talking a 100% Bruce to Caitlyn makeover and a think tank agrees with me, saying the “CDC needs a full reset” because it no longer can be trusted to handle global pandemics. Hell, at this point, they can’t be trusted to handle an outbreak of dandruff or athlete’s foot. I wouldn’t trust them to cure disco fever. And yet they call everything a health threat from racism to climate change.


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