GREG GUTFELD: The boundary between law and order is broken

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All right, let’s get started. During a recent campaign event, Joe Biden told Latinos, “I need you badly.” Then his aides told him, no, those aren’t the landscapers… Because he’s racist. A woman said she was terrified when she noticed a snake in her car while she was driving, and the snake was terrified when he noticed a woman was driving. Sexists! For laughing. A self-proclaimed Loch Ness Monster expert says a new photo proves the existence of the massive creature. Yes, but like all the other photos, it’s still blurry. According to a new poll, 50% of all New Yorkers plan to leave the city within the next five years, and the other half are going to a better place. Wow, way to kill the buzz Gutfeld. Joke about death.

Christine Blasey Ford appeared on The View and Joy Behar scolded the men in the audience who didn’t applaud. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Men went to a taping of The View. I mean, why would they go with their wives when they could just kill themselves? Well, look, you don’t want to get on Joy’s bad side. Then

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