GREG GUTFELD: Sunny Hostin’s ‘elite mentality’ reveals her disconnect from ordinary people

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You know, I make fun of “The View” a lot, but that’s only because they keep talking. Those hands are always clucking. 

They get to say stupid stuff for an hour every day, and then I get to say stupid stuff for an hour every day, except on purpose, but every now and then, one of those dingbats inadvertently says something that reveals modern liberal thoughts so perfectly, it deserves further study. 

You know, like a weird serpent that washed up on the beach, and you want to poke it with a stick. Take the COVID lockdowns. Remember all the small businesses that went under? All the children scarred psychologically and emotionally because they couldn’t socialize with each other?

It broke up marriages and ruined what I had with Taylor Swift. Well, never mind all that stuff, because COVID also taught Sunny Hostin how to get her groceries delivered. Yeah, I know. Amazing, but that means it’s time for…

SINGERS: Living your life and you’re feeling low, you don’t know what is true. You don’t know what’s true. So you quick-flip through the channels to watch Sunny on “The View.” Oh, my God the stuff she

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