GREG GUTFELD: Russell Brand walked away from stardom and canceled cancel culture

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Here we go. Here we go. There we are, look at that. Look at that. Somebody should have told me about my collar. I’m firing somebody. I don’t know who it is. Happy Thursday, everyone. I’m super excited. 

I’m welcoming Russell Brand to the show. Yes! I’ve been a fan of Brand for decades, ever since his talk show Big Brothers’s Big Mouth. It’s a show that was so outrageous, legal wouldn’t even let us show it, which sucks. But even at the start of his career, he was a brilliant brain in search of food at a time when the shelves were bare. But now Brand has made the most abrupt change in his career, in any career since O.J. Simpson. Brand was a great comedian, successful actor, bigger than most rock stars. It helped that he looked like Rasputin had sex with Janis Joplin. They even had him play rock stars in movies because he was better at it than they were. And before he got sober, he proved no amount of drugs could take him down. So he’s a comedian, TV star, movie star, married to pop star’s hyper-articulate, dresses

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