GREG GUTFELD: Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are making 'phony politicians' in sanctuary states walk the walk

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Oh, yes, yes. Happy Thursday everybody. Yes. So the sanctuary flights continue, and they’re the only flights that are on time. Last night, Florida Governor DeSantis sent two planes full of illegal immigrants to the progressive paradise known as Martha’s Vineyard. Which makes sense, it’s a vineyard, and those grapes ain’t going to pick themselves up. I mean, I assume there’ll be plenty of work on a vineyard, but I wouldn’t know, I’m not allowed there, at least since Barack’s birthday party. You should have seen his face when I jumped out of the cake. The G-string was a little much, and I was wearing one, too. 

But the coverage has been hysterical. As if sending migrants from a sweltering part of Texas to the most luxurious vacation spot in America, home to the likes of Obama, Larry David, John Kerry, is now somehow cruel and inhumane punishment. But maybe it is cruel, after all you know who also lives there? James Taylor. Yeah, I know. I wonder if he has a comment.


It’s an island, excellent. And since every liberal celebrity fancies themselves a sanctuary city supporter, why shouldn’t they mingle with the

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