Greg Gutfeld: Rolling Stone's days as a respected music magazine are over

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So, you know what it’s time for: “How to be a Journalist.” I’m your host Brad Pitt.

So, let’s talk about Rolling Stone, also known as “crap.”

The once-great, now pile of wet garbage published a story claiming that an Oklahoma hospital was so overwhelmed by patients overdosing on “horse dewormer medications” that actual gunshot victims were stuck outside in ambulances waiting for beds.

Meanwhile, horses full of worms had to wait outside because they weren’t wearing masks.

Now, with a story that sounds this “on the nose” – you’d assume any competent journalist would reach out to the hospitals before writing about it. After all, these modern facilities have phones, fax machines, carrier pigeons, and a brand-new thing called “e-mail.” 

Having two or more sources, verifying information before you present it as fact – oh, but where’s the fun in that? But no – this is Rolling Stone. Whose readership still hasn’t used their AOL free trial CDs. 

It’s the “Weekend at Bernie’s” version of journalism — a dead product propped up by virtue-signaling incompetents who believe instead of think. Their writing is so painful they should change their name to kidney stone.

And Stephen King has nothing

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