Greg Gutfeld: President Biden should be asking for forgiveness, not doling it out

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So let’s take a look at all the things that pissed me off. Besides the looks like when I buy clothes in the boys department. Not my fault. 

First, Biden’s ratings are so far down the toilet, they could wave hello to Chris Wallace. It’s so bad, I hear Biden’s new strategist is Roto-Rooter. Wow, just a chuckle. I thought that would work. So no wonder he’s once again talking up student loan forgiveness, when really Joe should be asking for forgiveness, not doling it out. Forgiveness for Afghanistan, for tanking the economy, for farting in front of the royal family. That bomb was so rank the Queen thought the Germans were blitzing again. 

Now they want to forgive ten-grand, or roughly what Hunter paid for a weekend of hookers. Of course, this is a Hail Mary pass or for the gender-confused a Hail Larry. It’s meant to appeal to young voters before the midterms, which should crush the Dems like a dozen eggs under Brian Stelter’s box spring. Wait, did I say voters? I meant Democratic voters, the ones too dumb to realize they’re trading their future for a quick payout. 

So they’re taking

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