Greg Gutfeld: President Biden is in deep trouble, the Democratic Party wants to 'ditch' him

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Happy Wednesday, everybody. So President Biden is in deep trouble. The White House reports he’s testing negative for COVID, which proves even the virus wants someone else. And according to a new CNN poll, over three quarters of respondents don’t want him to run for president, they want him to run for the hills. The poll comes as his approval ratings plunge like Nancy Pelosi’s neckline. 

And most Americans are as disgusted with the economy as they are with Nancy Pelosi’s neckline. Of course, there is no recession, they say, as they try to redefine the term recession, the way they redefined riots, and women, and crime and basic biology. We’d say that lie takes some balls, but we don’t want to misgender it. 

It’s getting so bad, mayor Pete is polling better than Joe and Pete’s actually done less work on the job than Kamala has on closing the border. Pete’s now in his 10th month of parental leave and will be ready to work full time once he stops lactating. But I get it, Joe does not look good, literally and figuratively. The only thing holding him together is the hair plugs,

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