GREG GUTFELD: Our cities are turning into hellholes

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Happy Monday, everybody. Yeah, I know. I feel that way, too. You know, if I were sitting where you were, I’d be just as excited. What a great weekend. Once again, we all got to visit the strangest place in the universe. You know that place where people actually think Bill Nye is a scientist? Pete Davidson is a sex symbol, and Joy is a place called Behar. Talking about America’s mainstream media, a world run by conjurers who believe they could hypnotize us into not believing what we see. You know, we’ve been here before.

Remember this gem from back in 2020? To the sane among us, it looked like a bunch of thugs setting fire to a city while Democrat mayors hid behind the toppled statues. But to the media, it looked like a friendly game of spin the bottle, a bottle filled with gas later to be lit and tossed into a business. Remember when the media called Summer 2020 the Summer of Love? Maybe so. If you’re dating the Zodiac Killer. Don’t knock it. He’s a hell of a kisser. But now, they’re back. That adorable bunch of miscreants

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