GREG GUTFELD: Our choice in November is a candidate who’s facing a sentence versus one who can’t complete one

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Happy Monday everyone. So, today, jury selection began in Hunter Biden’s gun trial. And as a welcome gift, those selected were given a free dime bag. To make sure it’s a jury of his peers, they’re looking for people who were given phony jobs in Ukraine, smoke, crack in a sensory deprivation tank, had sex with a dead family member’s wife, while impregnating a stripper. So far, they found one. Possible witnesses include Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen, and the gun store clerk in Delaware. Or, as Hunter calls it, his dream foursome.

Over the weekend, President Biden was seen cycling with Hunter in Delaware. It’s part of his new workout program called “Not Dying.”

I had to work hard to get one out of you. I wonder if they’re going to like these. Mexico has officially elected their first ever female president. I know! Yeah, like you care. Oh, finally a woman. Oh, you go girl. Shut up. Her name is Claudia Sheinbaum. That’s right, Claudia Sheinbaum. You know of the Tijuana Sheinbaums? You should try her Gefilte fish tacos. But her first order of business as president? Getting

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