Greg Gutfeld: Once again the media and Democrats are in cahoots

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So Joe Biden’s approval ratings dropped to 38% according to the latest poll. That honeymoon ended faster than Ilhan Omar’s and her brother’s. 

It’s no surprise – the presidency is unraveling faster than a cardigan caught in a power drill. Just look at the key variables. Foreign policy’s been a disaster. Unless you’re the Taliban and are doing donuts on a soccer field in a U.S. Army jeep. As vice president, Joe went to funerals. As president, he causes them.

It’s amazing – this joker has been in politics forever, and the moment he’s put in charge, he wets the oval office rug like a nervous puppy. I wouldn’t trust him with the keys to a Rascal scooter.

Inflation now hits American households for an extra 175 bucks a month – which is exactly what Hunter pays the masseuse for a happy ending at the local Super 8.

Meanwhile, gas prices are higher than Kat. That’s another tax targeting the working stiff. You know, the people who have to drive to pay their bills, instead of selling arts and crafts for half a million. But of course, the guy who says “the buck stops with me,”

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