Greg Gutfeld: On 9/11 we didn't proclaim separate categories, we were Americans

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It’s been 20 years since 9/11, and you gotta wonder – what’s it like for the person who’s not 20? Do they know enough about what happened that day to produce a cogent opinion?

Once you look at the latest Campus Reform “Student on the Street” interview, the answer might be “God help us.”

Ophelie Jacobson: Did you learn a lot about 9/11 growing up in the classroom?

Student: Not in the classroom but on my own I kinda did my own little research thing

Student: No I did not

Student: I would say we learned a moderate amount 

Student: I mean they showed us the videos – the basics 

Student: I didn’t learn super specifics about it

Student: I had a whole unit – like 2 months learning about it which was a little strange

Student: Yea definitely my family is Bengali so we are all Muslim so it was something we are all very conscious of 

That was as comforting as someone looking at their watch during a funeral. But they’re young. We’re all kinda silly back then. But maybe given the chance, what would they want people to learn about 9/11?

Jacobson: When talking about 9/11 what do you think

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