Greg Gutfeld: National leaders' silence on crime is 'existential threat'

I spend a fair portion of TV time talking about crime. But that’s because as a small government fan, but a huge TV star – it’s really the only thing I want addressed by our politicians. That and the height requirement for theme park rides. I mean, are the teacups really that dangerous?

And maybe I watched too many cop shows as a kid. In fact, while other kids played doctor, I played stop and frisk. But if we can create safe societies, everyone benefits – equally. You’re more free to pursue your dreams – be it education, or career, or my favorite hobby, soaring through the air in porta-potties!  

But all of this is hard to do in a society in which thugs are allowed to roam free like locally raised free-range chicken. When crime goes up, your opportunity for a reasonable existence on this planet drops faster than Kat’s bank account on Saint Patrick’s Day. 

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said his department will be expanding concealed weapons permits. I bet you want to know why!

Sheriff Alex Villanueva, 6/2: Because we have less cops on the street and more crooks, less consequences. You know what could go wrong with that

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