Greg Gutfeld: Mob action always starts with Twitter trends

Well, that didn’t end well. I speak of Kat’s night out, last night. She leaves a wake of damaged furniture and tears. But I also speak of actress Ellie Kemper folding to the woke. Here’s a recap, from the most handsome man on television.

Gutfeld, 6/2: Ellie Kemper star of The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is under attack after online idiots declared she was racist—her crime? In 1999 a St Louis business group named her their Queen of Love and Beauty. The group used to be “Whites only” but integrated twenty years before she won her crown. Twenty years.

It’s hard to absorb the news when it’s coming from someone that gorgeous. Now when we did the segment we saluted Kemper for not responding to the Twitter mob calling for her scalp. No offense Elizabeth Warren. But that’s how you beat cancel culture.  

You realize it’s just a dozen losers screaming for attention from a content-starved media. Like newborn babies you let them scream until they scream themselves out. That’s what my mom did to me in the woods. We thought Kemper would outlast the mob. Kinda like Katie Pavlich powering through a hangover. But sadly, just days later, Kemper groveled

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