Greg Gutfeld: Media is only industry designed to lie

So here’s a question: how many media screw-ups do you need to hear before you realize it’s deliberate. How many times does Wolf Blitzer get to cry “wolf”?

Every week an explosive story we are told was true turns out to be as false as Julie’s eyelashes. Today’s big lie – The story of how President Donald Trump ordered Lafayette Square cleared “with tear gas” to vacate “peaceful protesters” for a callous “photo-op”. The press covered it with a cicada-like fervor.

Media coverage of Trump walk to St. John’s Church, June 2020: Scarborough: the Secretary of Defense in a photo op, in front of a church after these peaceful protesters, had been brutalized because of the president’s plans// Burnett: the president wanted this photo op and he wanted to disperse that crowd because he wants and image you know of one thing which is all of these protests being violent//Katyal: why does Trump trump everyone else’s rights as a US Citizen to be in the streets outside the white house? Why do they get tear-gassed you know and trump gets a photo op.

These guys are more full of crap than a septic tank at a bean factory.

In fact, the inspector general’s report

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