GREG GUTFELD: Mayorkas is a border czar only a cartel could love

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So, America’s least popular reality show is still going strong. Yes, I’m talking about the Bachelor Southern Border. Millions of illegal, most of whom seem to be healthy young men, are walking away from all the other gals in the world to cozy up to the world’s most eligible bachelorette. That sexy lady in the long, flowing gown. Yeah, the Statue of Liberty. Or as I like to call her, a six. I mean, come on, we could have done better. So many hotter immigrants. So a migrant traveling from Venezuela will literally walk through six other countries before hitting the Texas border. How do they do that? I go five blocks and I’m exhausted. So is my driver. Now, if you’re so desperate that you have to flee your nation on foot without a visa or even a passport, aren’t you desperate enough not to be choosy? Wouldn’t you be satisfied with the first reasonable option? Not everyone gets to marry the prom queen. I mean, I was dumped by mine. Because she was too much into cheerleading practice and getting good grades. That, and I was 48. 


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