GREG GUTFELD: Let’s talk ‘all about gender’

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Happy Tuesday, everybody. It’s great to see you. Let’s get right to it. Tonight’s monologue is all about gender. Is that right, Elvis?


NARRATOR: Return to gender. Return to gender.

You know, when I suggested, “Hey, let’s play Return to Sender, but as ‘Return to gender,'” I expect maybe some verses. They literally just sang “return to gender.” That’s all they did. Now, I’m not going to say they mailed it in, but I’m going to say they mailed it in.

I begin with the curious case of 47-year old single father, Rene Salinas Ramos of Ecuador, not to be confused with Rene Salinas Ramos of Paraguay. That guy’s a real jerk. To gain the upper hand on his vindictive ex-wife in their bitter child custody battle, Rene legally changed his gender to female. Smart. Not just to excuse his lousy driving.


NARRATOR: A sexist would say.

Is it really that funny, Emily? Good. But, hell, why wouldn’t Rene do this? He already has a chick’s name. You see, the Ecuadorian court system, which I’ve experienced firsthand because of my bastard child, Enrique, typically favors mothers in custody cases. Rene telling the local news, quote, “Being a

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