GREG GUTFELD: Kids are ‘cannon fodder’ in a culture war

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Happy Tuesday, everybody. I love you. Keep your shirt on, lady. Tonight’s monologue is for the children. And not just Alec Baldwin’s. I mean, all American kids being destroyed by people who claim to be looking out for them. I call it.


NARRATOR: Everybody run. It’s the attack on brats! Why are the Democrats so evil?

You know, sometimes I think he takes my direction too literally. I said, “You know, it’s about attacking children.” And he goes, “The attack on brats.” It’s like a 1950s horror movie about sausage. Tonight, I dedicate my monologue to the next generation because someone’s got to look out for them. The Democrats certainly aren’t. Fact is, we’re in a culture war and the kids are caught in the crossfire. Literally, if they’re in Chicago or Baltimore or D.C. If the mayor has a “D” after their name, it stands for “duck.”

Post-COVID, there is a new pandemic out there. It’s kids killing kids. According to the Wall Street Journal, violence among kids has soared since 2020. It’s a stain on this country spreading faster than the one on Joe Biden’s pants. Homicides by juveniles acting alone rose 30%

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