GREG GUTFELD: Keep Congress busy and out of our lives

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What am I doing? Oh, you people. Stop it! Stop it! Don’t stop it. No, I’m kidding. Happy Wednesday. So we’re just five days into Kevin McCarthy’s tenure as speaker of the House, and he’s already become my favorite Kevin. Well, behind Kevin Spacey. And as you know, it’s always preferable to be behind kevin Spacey.

Of course, it took 15 ballots to confirm McCarthy, which coincidentally is the same amount it took Biden to become President. Yeah, sue me. But while the House was voting and re-voting, McCarthy was proving that revenge, much like the Fruity Pebbles Bill Hemmer feeds me in the morning, is a dish best served cold. What’s different this time? Republicans learned something from Trump. They’re keeping their promises and fighting like fiends.

On Tuesday, they took steps to boost oversight of both the Chinese government and the Biden administration. Granted, it’s hard to tell the two apart. First, they approved a new subcommittee designed to probe the weaponization of the federal government. You know, I hate that word “weaponization.” It’s overused. Just say exactly what you’re investigating: abuses against the American people. Does the government collect info on

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