Greg Gutfeld: Karine Jean-Pierre's tweets matter

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So, as you know, talking about a stolen election can get you into trouble. It’s the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theater. Except you can actually shout fire in a crowded theater. Especially if there’s a fire and you started it. 

Even more if you’re a Democrat and you’re about to become White House press secretary, something tells me you’ll get a pass on this. 

Karine Jean-Pierre. Sounds like the goalie for the Montreal Canadiens. Is that a real team? 

Well, anyway, she’s been tapped to replace Jen Psaki. But did you know she once falsely claimed that the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election was actually stolen?

I know. Since when do Democrats care about theft? But I get it, when someone gets a fancy job embarrassing tweet surface like a bloated corpse in the East River. 


I remember when this show started, someone started leaking these erotic videos I’d made back when I needed the money. True, I was the one leaking them. I just felt they needed a wider audience. 

But Jean-Pierre’s tweet matters because that sort of thing would disqualify anyone who isn’t a lefty. 

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