GREG GUTFELD: Karine Jean-Pierre swooped in to keep Dr. Anthony Fauci from answering question on COVID origin

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It’s almost Thanksgiving — the time when we reflect and give thanks, which is something I do every day when I look into a mirror. Man, was God generous. Thanks, God.

VOICE: You’re welcome, Greg. By the way, your quads are looking great. The angels are really noticing.


Good to know. But we should all be thankful for our successes and most importantly, the failure of others. Me? I’d like to give thanks for Anthony Fauci for at least making Jesse Watters seem humble. God-willing, the spotlight-chasing doctor is retiring, and yesterday at the White House press briefing, he stood on a milk crate and took to the podium one final time, perhaps to tell us to start wearing four masks and be sure to put one on your turkey too. But instead of being Fauci’s swan song, the presser took a nosedive faster than Julie Banderas into a box of wine with a crazy straw.

JULIE BANDERAS: I don’t use straws.

I know that. Trying to be nice. The drama all started when a brave reporter for the Daily Caller tried to ask a

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