Greg Gutfeld: I don’t think there’s been a success story quite like Fox

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Happy Thursday everyone – it’s a big day here at Fox News. It’s our 25th anniversary. Yep 25 years ago, this network was launched. And Joe Biden had just turned 69

25 years. Now normally, if somethings over 25, it’s too old for me.

But so much as happened in that time. So, what was it like back then when we started? Well, unlike mainstream media, we weren’t afraid to take chances. Mainly because FNC didn’t drug test us back then.

Here’s our first morning show, called “Marshmallow and Friends.”

*Video of a man with face tied up trying to eat marshmallows off a string*

Hard to believe that didn’t win a daytime Emmy. I remember Doocy having to give Kilmeade the Heimlich because he started choking on one of those little buggers. Their ratings plunged when Kilmeade survived. 

But we also created hard-hitting primetime programming. Like “The Slap Factor.”

*Video of a man getting slapped a lot*

Our motto – “We slap, You decide how hard.” That’s also written in lipstick on the mirror above my waterbed.

But people also came to Fox for the personalities. Unlike places like CNN, where hapless drones regurgitated words from a teleprompter. You’d find

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