GREG GUTFELD: How can people make a decision in November when both sides think the other side is nuts?

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So, as the election approaches, the goal of this monologue is to help those on the fence make a decision when both sides think the other side is nuts. How can both sides be true? It’s a common pattern in politics. If you’ve been a spectator in this world for a while, you can see how they are mirrors of each other. The intensity of dislike is equal. I can only compare it to the way me and Kilmeade feel about each other. Except, I don’t have crabs. What?! He has a sea farm where he raises them. It takes his mind off the herpes. 

But, it seems the intensity of criticisms about Biden’s cognition is equal to the intensity of criticism about Trump’s unstable demeanor. They’re as interchangeable as Chris Cuomo and a bag of stale farts. But each side feels as strongly as the other. How can that be? Is the other side stupid and you’re smart? Is one in a cult and the other enlightened enough to see that cult for what it is? How do you know if you’re on the wrong side? Aside from agreeing with Joy Behar. 


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