Greg Gutfeld: 'Health' is a trick to make your rights disappear

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So here’s some fun news. And by fun, I mean awful. 

Did you know that the CDC bought location data taken from tens of millions of U.S. phones in order to check compliance with curfews and tracked people going to and from places?

And I just found out the hard way. 

The CDC called me and asked me why I was standing outside Judge Jeanine’s bedroom window. And frankly, it ruined the mood. 


So because they aren’t allowed to spy on us, the government gets companies to do it for them, just like censorship. 

Location data is info on your phone’s location, obviously, which can also show you where a person lives and works or where they go after work. Which in Kat’s case, is here. That’s actually her book club. 

Snapchat has unveiled a new safety feature that allows its users’ friends and family to track their location in real-time. (Snapchat)

Now, maybe this is harmless. They just want the data to fight the spread of disease. It’s all in the name of health, of course. Just like gain of function research. Boy, did that turn

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