GREG GUTFELD: Have we reached peak trans yet?

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Happy Trans Tuesday, everyone. Yeah, we were going to serve tacos, but then they turned into hot dogs. Have you seen the latest news? Target is going balls out for keeping your balls in. The retail giant is now selling women’s bathing suits that are “tuck-friendly” for ladies with penises. I know, who knew this was in such high demand? I always thought shrinkage would solve this problem. But I guess I didn’t realize all these years how many women were suffering in silence:  

Wow. So, pictures and videos of these junk-tuckers have gone viral, spreading like monkeypox at a Pride parade.

Yes, and he will be punished for that. 

Oh, damn that gay guy! He tricks me every time. While the Target swimsuits promote their tuck-friendly construction and extra crotch coverage — Things I always look for in a thong. Although, why would you want to hide the fact that you got a package at the beach? Unless you want to trick someone. Sorry, I’m never going to be comfortable if a girl is staring at me and getting noticeably aroused in her swim trunks. That goes

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