GREG GUTFELD: Harvard’s DEI chief has just been accused of 40 counts of plagiarism

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Happy Wednesday everybody. So don’t look now, but the #MeToo movement is back, but this time, what’s being attacked isn’t women, it’s academic integrity and once again, we look to Harvard, the DeVry of the East. They don’t know DeVry is. Trust me, that joke worked in the meeting. Sherri Ann Charleston, the chief diversity officer at the university, has just been accused of roughly 40 instances of plagiarism in her PhD dissertation and in the single academic paper she published in her career. There would be more accusations of plagiarism, but she was too lazy to write more than one fake paper. Which begs the question, who was the last person to have an original idea at Harvard? John Adams, Al Gore, Barack Obama? You know, Barack must be sweating right now. Not for plagiarism. He just ate a really spicy dog. 

Now, Charleston’s husband is also a professor and according to the reports, her one publication even ripped off the research that he did back in 2012. Wait, a woman bringing up something her husband did years ago. That’s not plagiarism, that’s marriage.


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