GREG GUTFELD: GOP must bring sanity back to government

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Happy Thursday, everybody. So am I the only guy who’s been in a great mood since the midterms? I’d like to thank Dr. Siegel for that. But also I’m a silver linings guy. Seriously, right now I’m wearing a thong made of pure silver. It was a Christmas gift from William Devane. Now, you know it’s in my safe.

But it appears the Republicans will capture the House. And like I said last night – thank you. I had nothing to do with it, but I’ll take it. But like I said, you keep the House, you keep the peace. So we should start thinking about all the cool **** we could do now that we got the place to ourselves. I first call in the exterminators to kill anything the previous tenants left behind. I especially want to fumigate Jerry Nadler’s pants. I know. What’s in there? So many things. Oh, if his lining could talk.

But then let’s get to the bottom of Hunter’s laptop. Or maybe not the bottom, because who knows where that’s been. Hunter’s is the first laptop that had a virus that actually needed penicillin to kill. And

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