Greg Gutfeld: Getting rid of activity quotas would stop forcing cops to chase minor violations

Welcome back I hope you had a great weekend. We know obviously Kat did. And poor Lisa Boothe doesn’t know when to put the bottle down. They are our role models.

So – you ever write to your congressman or senator? Most of them read at a 6th-grade level, so do it in crayon. But chances are, all you get back are form letters sent out by a staffer. Still, I contact my local representative a lot. I keep sending them sketches of Kat’s husband. He’s still on the loose.

But today, as a world-famous celebrity – I can get politicians to listen to me when you can’t. Vincent Del Castillo is a professor of criminal justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice for the past 30 years; served 27 years in the NYC transit police department, the last three as department chief. This guy knows his stuff.  Which is why you never see him on TV. He wrote to Senator Tim Scott about police reform. All he got was a form letter.  

So I decided it’s my job to amplify Vincent’s sensible solutions. And none of them factor into race, which means CNN will call them racist. So first, let’s

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