GREG GUTFELD: Gavin Newsom discovered his inner Republican

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Happy Wednesday, everyone. So as America grew and expanded, nothing represented the promised land more than California. It was the Golden State, endless summer dancing raisins, music icons like the Beach Boys and Charlie Manson. “Go west, young man” was the saying. And true, we were disgusting sexists even then. But California was literally the ultimate end of the American continent and of American aspirations. It was the mountaintop. It attracted immigrants like Arnold Schwarzenegger in search of fame and fortune and bent over housekeepers. But California just became the end of something else. True, progressive policies just died. And now the woke need a wake. In lieu of flowers, send Nancy Pelosi a new bra. But it’s indeed over. That big loud thud you heard was the progressive agenda hitting the ground like Joe Biden near a sandbag. And it was all thanks to Governor Greasy Locks. Our nation’s weird, bitter souls called journalists won’t admit it, but Gav just caved to reality and switched political sides. And his reason is what we’ve known all along: the left’s silly, sanctimonious adolescent **** simply does not work in the real world. 


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