GREG GUTFELD: Do you really need to set a horror movie like 'Scream' in New York City, when it's already here?

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Happy Friday, everybody. Yeah, you look fantastic. There I go, talking to myself again. So they’re making another one of those “Scream” movies and get this, they’re moving the setting to New York City. We went to Brian Kilmeade for a comment.


Something clearly is wrong with him. I mean, other than his personality, looks and career choice. But according to one cast member, setting the movie in this city will make it 20 times more mortifying. Yeah, no —-. All you got to do is turn the damn camera on and point it down any street, and if there isn’t a burning Fox News Christmas tree in your way, and just hope that someone doesn’t beat you senseless and steal your camera before you’re done. 

So how is New York lately? Well, you got machete attacks. You got gangs on dirt bikes, robbing people in daylight. You got strung out homeless. And that’s just in Kat’s apartment. You got sick-o’s shoving people in front of trains. You got transients clobbering the elderly. You got Jesse Watters hanging out on Sixth Avenue, hoping you’ll recognize him. Don’t give him money, or he’ll give you

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