Greg Gutfeld: Dems only care about illegal immigration when it impacts them

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First, just some somber news tonight. A good pal of the show, Paul Sorvino, passed away yesterday. He was an amazing actor and one of our first guests on this very show. Anyway, you might know him from the legendary movie Goodfellas. One of the greats. And here’s one of my favorite scenes. 



GUTFELD: Hey, Pauly. 

PAULY: I’m telling to you. I’m telling everybody, you could be my son. Could be anybody. You don’t mess around with that garbage. You understand me? 

GUTFELD: What garbage, Pauly? 

PAULY: Don’t make a jerk out of me, you understand? 

GUTFELD: I’m trying. 

PAULY: Just don’t do it. 

GUTFELD: I won’t do it. Okay. You’re right. You’re right. I won’t. 

PAULY: You understand you’re only on the air because I got you a job, right?

GUTFELD: Right. 

PAULY: Okay. Yeah. You see anybody messing with your show you’ve gonna tell me isn’t that right? 

GUTFELD: I swear, Pauly. Yes. Yes, I swear. 

PAULY: Go do your show. 

GUTFELD: Thanks, Pauly. 

PAULY: Get in there. He ain’t a bad kid. Needs another couple of smacks though. 

I will never wash my face again. Lucky he didn’t slap me on the ass.

On to the news. It’s fun to see what happens when so-called compassionate libs get

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