GREG GUTFELD: Dems are getting desperate and stupid

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Put your pants back on. All right, happy Monday, everyone. Roll that, thank you. So, according to a new poll, 86% of Americans now agree that Joe Biden is too old for a second term. And the other 14% say he’s too old for last rites. I know that was harsh. Now you know you’re in trouble when the percent[age] of Americans who say you’re too old is actually higher than your age. We can’t get 86% of people to oppose murder. But think about it, 86%, Americans are finally united. Joe Biden’s promise finally came through. He brought us together. I mean, in believing that he’s a f**** mess but still. What’s even sadder, however, is that it took a special prosecutor’s investigation to convince dead-end Democrats to come around to what’s been obvious to us for a long time; that they’re as brain-dead as he is. Robert Hur’s investigation may have been about Biden’s handling of classified documents, but in the end, it was really a wellness check on the old guy in the White House that’s been missing in action. And the result is exactly what we already knew.

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