Greg Gutfeld: Democrats have their values backwards

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So big news. A Republican has flipped a House seat in the deep blue South Texas. That’s scary to Dems who thought the only seat flipping would be in a gender-neutral bathroom.

Is this an indicator of a coming red wave? Maybe. And it’s got nothing to do with a tampon shortage. It’s absolutely terrible. I don’t stand for that kind of humor. But let’s ask the folks at “The View,” which no one has ever said in the history of the universe, is there a red wave coming? 

THE VIEW HOST: The red wave is coming. Republicans are going to win the midterms short of something unforeseen that I cannot predict now. 

You know what I love about “The View?” It reminds people every day not to eat lead paint chips. But you got to remember, Joy Behar thought that her going on a sex strike would make men change their minds. And they did to vote Republican. 


Look at Republican Mayra Flores. She won that seat in South Texas, the first win there in 150 years. That’s a long time. That’s like two Julie Banderas, or a

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