GREG GUTFELD: Democracy lives to fight another day

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Oh, man. What a happy Wednesday, everybody. Here we are, well, contrary to what the Dems predicted, we are still here on two different planets. But we’re still here. But democracy did not die. But then again, neither did stupidity, that —- immortal. Just like Madonna’s face. But if you’re ever wondering how things will go politically, it’s often like Joe Biden trying to get back inside the White House. You never know where you’re going to end up. 


It appears the red tsunami may be more like Gramps peeing with an enlarged prostate. A very weak stream. Yeah, you probably didn’t need that part. The obvious hope was that this would be a blowout, but instead it was a mixed bag. But what’s so ironic is that in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, where Democrats won, it’s actually Democrats that are going to suffer the most. They voted for their own punishment. True, it sucks for me living in New York, but once the kids are all grown up, I am so out of here. Kids are what I call my quads, they’re beautiful. 


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