GREG GUTFELD: Climate change activists 'win over no one' with these stunts

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Happy Tuesday, everybody. It’s great to see every one of you except for you over there. So, once again, protesters attacked expensive pieces of art. And no, I’m not talking about my quads, though they are pricey and worth it.

This time it’s an Andy Warhol in Milan, Italy. On Friday, the attention-seeking freaks threw flour on a sports car painted by the pop artist in 1979. Pop artist. Fortunately, the Italian police sprang into action and formed it into a pizza crust. But the event is just another in a trend by young psychotics who vandalize art with food or paint. Although such actions might improve a Jackson Pollock. A little art humor there for all you sophisticates.

And does anybody else find it ironic? The one piece of art they don’t throw soup on is this one. I guess it’s redundant. Now, every time we report on this, I get a little angry. But then again, I’m 5’5″, so what other kind of angry can I get? But the whole point – I am. But the whole point of this vandalism is to get suckers like me to report on their cause.

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