Greg Gutfeld: Celebrate the people who work to keep America going

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What a great Monday it is for you, me and America, because our audience is back. You heard them. Take that Wuhan lab. I don’t feel very well. And we’re in a brand-new studio. Yeah, so they tell me. Although I did find one of Chris Wallace’s old toupees and my dressing room – smelled. 

But no more taping from the men’s room at Denny’s, though, I’ll leave those cameras up just in case. But check this place out. 

Let’s do a sweep around here. How beautiful is this? So. Yeah. They did a great job and an amazing job. I haven’t been this excited since Geraldo removed all his clothes to get a booster shot of his left arm. 

Yeah, he couldn’t just roll up his sleeve. He’s the only person I know who takes his shirt off while getting a pedicure. You should see what he did for his colonoscopy. Or, as he called it, exploring Al Capone’s vault. Never let him forget it. 


But tonight, we got great guests, right? Mike Rowe is here tonight. Talk about a guy who loves to roll up his sleeves. But he

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