GREG GUTFELD: Bumble’s ‘white flag’ shows women ‘found it too hard’ to make the first move in online dating

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The birds and the bees bring Bumble to its knees. I refer to the Bumble dating app, which launched a decade ago, described as the feminist version of Tinder — but maybe it should have been called Hinder, because that’s what these feminists did to women trying to meet men. 

Bumble’s big innovation was that only female users could make the first move to contact a potential match. That way, their inboxes weren’t full of messages from losers or creeps or all of the above. 

But that was Bumble’s brand: The women get to ask, and the men don’t. Until now, after 10 years, Bumble is waving the white flag and letting men initiate the conversation. 


Turns out, putting women in the driver’s seat for dating apps was as bad as putting them in the driver’s seat for driving.

ANNOUNCER: A sexist would say!

Woman saw what it’s like for men on the dating market and found it too hard to do what men had to do for ages: Make the first move. So they ran away in horror like they were handed the bill for dinner. So

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