Greg Gutfeld: Biden is losing his supporters, including Democrats and the media

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According to the latest poll, Biden’s less popular than an anchovy with a yeast infection. 

Only 33% of adults approve of Biden’s job performance, which is a record low. And after answering the poll, those 33% were rushed back to the mental health facility where the pollsters had found them. 


But his approval is like his body temperature — barely above freezing. It’s dropped 3 points since November, and it beats former President Trump’s worst approval rating by 1 point. 

Well, at least he can finally say he’s better than Trump at something. 

But it is an amazing comparison considering the kind of press that Trump got. It was a relentless drumbeat of hysterical hate. 

And yet Joe, who has none of that from the press, is rated worse than Trump. How can that be? 

How is it that a genial old man coddled by every media entity on Earth is now less popular than the monster the media deemed worse than Hitler, Stalin and Maroon 5 combined? 

Yes, it’s an amazing feat, but not when you see how bad it’s really gotten. 

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