GREG GUTFELD: Biden is like ‘the mad King, a senile dude’ who can barely hold on to the presidency

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So with each passing day, it becomes clear that we’re living in a country run by a demented royal family. You got the mad King, a senile dude who can barely hold onto the presidency, much less his own bowels. You got the evil Queen, an ego-mad status seeker who demands to be called a doctor even though she’s not. It’s a doctorate in education. That’s like demanding to be called a pilot, because a flight attendant once pinned some wings on your shirt when you were 12. True, getting a doctorate in education is about as hard to acquire as a horse burger at my slaughterhouse. And of course, there’s the entitled Prince, a cut rate Caligula, whose idea of a family outing is an orgy. It feels like they need their own theme song. 


Let’s start at the top. The guy’s hanging by a thread and that thread is hanging by a hair plug. On Monday, Joe sent a letter saying he’s staying in. I’m told we have a copy of it. It reads in part, quote, ‘’The voters of the Democratic Party

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