GREG GUTFELD: Biden is failing because he simply hasn’t produced for anyone

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So if you’re a grief counselor, you might want to head over to the Democratic National headquarters and pack a toothbrush, because you’re going to be there a while. Because if you look closely, the left’s biggest cheerleaders are starting to recognize that they’ve hitched their wagon to the wrong horse and it’s a horse that can barely walk, never mind run. Though, he does need his stall shoveled out twice a day. No wonder the Dems are taking the new polling so hard, they’re in the denial stage. So how bad is the rationalizing? 

Check out this clip of Obama’s former speechwriter on Morning Breath.

JON FAVREAU, “MORNING JOE”: If you look at polls of voters who say that they’re following the race closely, getting their news from TV, getting their news from newspapers, Joe Biden has a huge lead with those voters… Where he’s struggling is among younger voters, Black voters, Latino voters, White voters, people who just aren’t paying as close attention to politics, who aren’t tuned in. And one of the reasons they’re not tuned in is because they’re cynical about politics and they’re frustrated about politics.


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