GREG GUTFELD: Biden, Democrats blasted Trump’s border policy as ‘racist’ and now they’re adopting it

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

So the COVID-19 public health emergency officially ends tomorrow. I can finally stop washing my hands, but how about the polio scare? Is that still in play? Isn’t that typical of government, 750 days late and a trillion dollars short. But it’s a huge relief for New Yorkers, we can return to wearing masks just to block the smell of urine. Still, for the most of us, that stuff ended a long time ago when we decided to stop living in fear and get back to doing the things that we love. But the end of the emergency also brings with it the end of Title 42. No, not Level 42.


They’re right up there with the beetles, the insects. But Title 42 allowed us to deport migrants caught crossing the border and deny them asylum for public health reasons, as if letting millions of unvetted foreigners pour into your backyard isn’t already a threat to your health. It is amazing the concern for their COVID status. That’s what it was for. Not fentanyl poisonings or sex trafficking or gang shootings, but those who got booted didn’t face any charges,

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