GREG GUTFELD: At this point, even if you ever convict Trump of anything, it’s not going to matter

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So today, the defense rested in the Trump hush money trial, meaning he won’t take the stand. Probably because he doesn’t need to. Yesterday, Alvin Bragg’s star witness, Michael Cohen, received a “Cohenoscopy.” Trump’s attorney stuck a scope of truth up Cohen’s a** and exposed a giant polyp of lies. Cohen is Bragg’s key witness, the man depends on even more than the tailor who has to let out his sweatpants. He’s the only one who can tie Trump to any crime, even though nobody there seems sure what that crime is. So Cohen fell apart like Britney Spears in an Iranian helicopter. It gets worse. All that’s left is for the media to pretend none of it happened. 

Now, Trump could still be convicted. After all, this is Manhattan. Where shoving grandma in front of a train gets a verbal warning but double parking gets you the chair. And these are 12 jurors from a pool that’s been peed in– electing Bragg and voting for Biden by almost 85% last time. I mean, these are the dopes who gave us bail reform ,Bill de Blasio and “sucker punch a woman week.” So,

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