Greg Gutfeld: A 'bunch of zeros' got Dave Chappelle's show canceled in Minnesota

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Happy Thursday, everyone. What a great show we have tonight. But we always have a great show, don’t we? It’s as regular as me after eating seven bran muffins. So this monologue is about risk. There are people who take genuine risks and there are others who only pretend. Yeah, she’s a real Nelson Mandela. Well, more like Nelson from The Simpsons. 

Anyway, when we think of risk, we usually think of young edgy types taking chances, daredevils, soldiers, SEAL teams, someone who will eat a bowl of chili before boarding a five-hour flight. That’s Kat. And the opposite of risk, the old, the retired, sitting on the veranda, sipping Arnold Palmer while buying gold and silver from William Devane. 

But now it’s reversed, the old are the new young and the young are the new old. Cancel culture has created a Benjamin Button effect in terms of behavior of older generations. As we get older, we’re taking more risks, and it’s the younger ones who aren’t. Here’s John Cleese talking about humor and risk taking.

JOHN CLEESE: A lot of comedians now are sitting there and when they think of something, something… “could I

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